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Friday, February 26, 2010


b4 cuti ari 2,sir ad suruh ktorg wat poem..
agk blur gak nk wat bnde alah ni..
bi aq da la hancuss...
ntah cmne,blh ternmpk plak 1 gmba ni..
dan aq suke kate2 dy..
aq translate n ubah ckit2 la..
so,ini la hasilnye...
klu ad slh eja or grammar sori la......
slmt membaca..(^_^)~~

someone that i'm looking for,
is not a prince charming,
but a guy that can guide me to the right path.

someone that i'm dreaming of,

no need to be a handsome guy,

but only a guy that can accept me for who i am.

someone that i'm judging of,

no need to look perfect from physically,
but it's what the inside that counts.

someone that i'm hoping of,
is not a rich man,
but only a guy who can take good care of me.

someone that will comes,

no need to be a glorious person,
because i'm not the one who have better story.

someone that i'm waiting for,

no need to propose me with a diamond,
but a promise of eternal love would do.

and something that will happen,

even if it's not my heart's desire,
i accept my fate,
because it's my destiny.

so,sapekah itu saye pnye 'someone'..??

p/s : to ika,thanks sgt2 diatas bntuanmu..
laen kali kte mntk tlg lg ea..hehe

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